The Convention

Default, optional war rules.

Griefing is allowed.

  • All nations must do /perm set build enemy yes and /perm set container enemy yes.
  • Withers, windsticks, and uranium dropping may not be used.
  • Bandages, splints, rags, medicine and vitamins are not to be used.

You may not use teleportation commands.

  • Attackers may not set their home in the nation they are attacking.
  • Defenders may not set their home within 250 blocks of their landmark.
  • SF teleportation arrays or mirrors may not be used.

Nations may attack and defend simultaneously.

    Each nation starts in their capital.

    • Your capital may not be changed during the war.

    A nation must have landmarks that the opposing side may capture.

    • Landmarks are structures containing a room with a lapis block with a banner on top
    • A nation may have one capital landmark and up to 5 chosen locations.
    • Landmarks must be accessible from outside.
    • Landmarks should be above and on the ground.
    • Landmarks must be at least 500 blocks apart.
    • They may be moved during peacetime, but not during war.
    • Nations must give the coordinates of each landmark they wish to use to the arbiter.

    To capture a landmark you must:

    • Kill all defenders that are at the landmark when the attackers arrive
    • Remain at the landmark (without all attackers dying) for 10 minutes
    • If all attackers die while holding, they must restart their capture.
    • Only one landmark may be captured at a time.

    To capture a capital landmark, you must hold it for 20 minutes.

      Attackers only get 3 lives per landmark.

      • Once you die a third time you can no longer assist in the attack.
      • If all attackers die 3 times, they must either retreat or attack a different landmark.

      Defenders get 5 lives per landmark.

      • Once you die a fifth time you can no longer assist in the defence.
      • If all defenders die five times the landmark is captured by the attackers.

      Once all a nations landmarks are captured, or when they surrender, the nation is defeated.

      • Nations can also agree on ending the conflict, returning to their pre-war states.