What is and isn't allowed involving Factions.

You must follow a specific procedure to void treaties.

  • In order to void a treaty agreement and thus end a treaty’s terms, nations must sign a separate treaty in

Faction names must be non-offensive and unique.

  • If a faction name is offensive or too close to an existing faction's, a staff member will reach out.

Keep your claims neat and orderly wherever possible.

  • No border-gore.
  • No snake claims.
  • Avoid hollow claims.

Hollow claims are acceptable if we are dealing with claim lag.

  • The claim must appear to be filled on dynmap.
  • If possible, try to fill hollow claims in.

All factions must be based in the overworld.

  • Each faction may claim a maximum of 49 chunks in the Nether and End, which are not counted as colonies.
  • Claims in the End may not be on the main island.

Factions must have an active leader.

  • Factions with an inactive leader (10+ days) may be given to another member or disbanded, depending on activity.
  • The inactive faction leader will be given a warning lasting 72+ hours before any action is taken.
  • To prevent this, file an absence in #applications.

Warps may not be walled off.

  • Players moving through your territory to exit a warp will not cause a trespassing CB.

You must provide a warning to gain a trespass CB.

  • The most common way to do this is to put "no trespassing" in your faction's description.
  • "No trespassing" warnings do not apply to allies unless specified.

Do not CB bait.

  • CB baiting is the act of harassing a nation or player in order to obtain a CB.
  • Additionally, this is usually against rule 2.

Do not bypass the factions plugin to kill a player in their own territory.

  • This also counts as loopholing and exploiting.