Casus Belli

How to cause a war: A guide

All CBs must be supported by photo or video evidence. The severity of CBs is reflected by this list: the higher on the list, the more severe it is. This impacts treaties.

Murder or Attempted Murder

  • Murdering or attempting to murder someone will result in a CB.
  • This applies in the wilderness and claimed land.
  • The killing of players inside your own land does not give a CB.

Treaty Breaking

  • You will receive a CB if a nation breaks a treaty they have signed with you in #treaties.


  • This must be invoked by an officer of the nation. If a nation has no officers, normal members can invoke.
  • When this CB is invoked, the nation wanting independence is to make a new faction and go to war against the parent nation.
  • This CB can be invoked if a nation's leadership is abusive, your nation has lost a war, or if a majority of a region of the nation wants independence.


  • You will receive a CB if a nation surrounds 75% - 100% of your border.
  • This only applies to a nations' mainland, not the colonies.


  • This CB is received if a nation threatens your nation.
  • For example: "Your nation is shit, I can't wait until I burn it to the ground!"
  • If a threat is said to be a joke, staff will decide if it is still a CB


  • You must have “No trespassing” in your description to receive this CB.
  • Staying in a nation for 5 seconds or more will result in a CB.
  • Repeatedly entering a nation without consent for fewer than 5 seconds will also result in a CB.
  • This does not apply to players exiting a nation through a warp.
  • The unwarranted slaughter of animals also grants an immediate trespassing CB.
  • Allied nations are unaffected by this unless the nation specifies they don't want their allies to trespass in their description.


  • You will receive a CB if another nation repeatedly harasses and/or insults your nation.
  • The validity of this harassment will be judged by staff when asking for a CB.