Minecraft rules

Rules that apply only on the Minecraft server.

No alting, bot accounts, or VPN connections.

  • Notify staff if you must use a VPN to connect to the server.
  • Bots may be allowed if you check with staff first.

No hacks or exploits.

  • Exploits include (but are not limited to) duping and bypassing WorldGuard/Factions
  • Hacks include (but are not limited to) speed, fly, any form of x-raying, etc. Don't do it, clowns.

No unapproved mods.

  • Mods such as Optifine, Litematica, minimaps and mods which don't provide an unfair advantage are allowed.
  • This includes hack clients. Don't do it, clowns.
  • You may not use Litematica's printer function.
  • If you are unsure whether your mod qualifies, contact staff.

Do not attempt to crash or lag the server.

  • Ask before significant claiming.
  • Lag machines are, of course, banned.

No griefing.

  • Griefing may be allowed in a war and as a CB.
  • This includes disbanding a faction without the leader's permission.

Certain structures larger a certain size are not allowed without prior staff approval.

  • Pixel/map art above 16 chunks
  • Artificial islands above 64 chunks
  • Boats more than 300 blocks long